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Atterbury Supply
The gear you need, at the price you deserve

Atterbury Supply was not started to be a profit center, and you will probably notice that from the fact our website utilizes templates and generic formatting. We started as a way to provide members of our unit, access to the gear they needed at near wholesale prices. As word spread, we started offering the same access to other units, other branches, and other organizations.
Due to our agreements with manufacturers, we can only offer these low prices to members which qualify.  You must be one of the following:
Military (Active, Reserve, Guard, Retired, or Honorable Veteran)
EMS (Fire, EMT, Paramedic)
Law Enforcements (Local, County, State, or Federal)
Contractor (Private Military or Government Registered)
Youth Organization affiliated with one of the above (Navy Sea Cadet, Civil Air Patrol, Young Marine, State Police Explorer, etc)
You may order whatever you like, including gifts for others within reason.  Please do not purchase items for resell.
Feel free to spread the word with others in your department, unit, or agency.  Your continued support allows us to add more manufacturers, better prices, and quicker service.
If there is a particular item you need or want, let us know.  We may be able to add the product to our line.
Very Respectfully,